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Hey guys, I received a request to organize my fic into a masterpost so you could find it easily (and believe me, I've been overwhelmed by it, too!). Currently I've archived all the fic (I... think) posted at [ profile] themockingjay, but I'll work on adding the fic that's only posted at my journal later. Accordingly, this post will be updated and I will leave it public so everyone who is interested can read easily. Let me know if I missed anything! Also, thank you once again to everyone who read and enjoyed my fic. <3


Cato and Clove:

Until Your Last Heartbeat: Clove and Cato before and during the Games.
1. Token
2. Spotlights, Shackles
3. Because She Came Here With Me
4. The List
5. Tearing Up a Good July

We Didn't Start the Fire: (In progress) AU of Until Your Last Heartbeat in which Clove and Cato survive the Arena to become symbols of the rebellion.
1. Happily Ever After
2. Sunshine and Rainbows
3. It's Almost Over
4. Prey

set fire to everyone around (but you): Cato and Clove's early bonding during training.

Not Anything Like School: Young Clove's training at District Two's Athletic and Personal Growth Center.

No Greater Joy: Six-year-old Cato and his grandfather talk about life, death and the Capitol.

Madness Like Gravity: Fifteen-year-old Clove's mock games during her training.

Web: Clove's private training session with the Gamemakers.

Secret: Six-year-old Clove is recruited.


District Two:

Career Training Essay: Meta/headcanon about the Career training process.

Five Times District Two Volunteering Went Wrong: Some irregular Reapings in District Two, lots of D2 culture.



One Hundred and Eighty Seconds: All Tributes of the 74th Hunger Games through the eyes of Caesar Flickerman.

Five Times the Odds Weren't in Their Favor: Untold stories of the 74th Hunger Games.

Five Last Five Minutes:: What happens in the Stockyard stays in the Stockyard.

Great, Wide Somewhere:: Young Glimmer's life in District One.


Prompt Fills/Memes:

Ficlets from the girlonfire meme: Short fics focusing primarily on Cato, Clove, District Two culture and Glimmer. Also appearances by Rue, Katniss, Finnick, Marvel, Enobaria, Seneca Crane, and Caesar Flickerman.

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