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Birthdate:Jun 15
Location:United States of America
Website:style blog
it’s your movie:
well, this little girl
grew up and moved away
and she lived her life full of risk and full of play
and she lived her life with so much to say
and her flowers,
they grow more beautiful every day

I'm Katie, and I have a PhD in Taking Things Too Seriously. No, actually, that's a lie, but as of 2013 I have a real one in Neurobiology that is currently collecting dust while I teach swimming to small humans. I am no longer a stressed grad student, which gives me more time for writing things, teaching small humans how to swim, being a geek, or (D.) all of the above. I love logic, paradigm shifts, fabulous outfits, the medial geniculate nucleus, the scientific method, and Disney magic. I think too much, I feel too much, and I work too hard. I'm working on that. Probably too hard. I believe in overcoming obstacles, happy endings, and getting up when life pushes me down. This journal is about a girl who is learning that the world is too beautiful to be afraid.
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